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Y our wealth is in good hands. Your personal situation, aims and requirements are our starting point.

Our advisory process ensures that your strategy and portfolio are built on solid foundations. You can choose from a range of investment strategies with different asset allocations and risk-return profiles. Together you and your client advisor select the strategy in line with your individual goals. Da Vinci Asset Management AG investment specialists then construct and manage your portfolio in accordance with the chosen investment strategy.

Da Vinci Asset Management AG Portfolio Management is a discretionary investment solution that utilizes a state-of-the-art range of investment instruments comprising individual securities, investment funds, fund-like instruments, structured products and alternative investments (where suitable) to achieve a high level of diversification for your portfolio.

Regular statements of assets and performance, as well as periodic reviews held with your client advisor, serve to keep you fully informed about the development of your portfolio.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Your personal portfolio is based on your investment strategy, which is tailored to your financial needs and goals.

  • You are assured of ongoing personal advice from your client advisor while also profiting from professional investment management.

  • With Da Vinci Asset Management AG you have access to the investment expertise of a leading asset manager with global research capabilities. You also benefit from the know-how of our international network of dedicated investment specialists.

  • Delegating the daily management of your assets to our specialists saves you time while ensuring constant professional supervision and active management of your portfolio.

  • The advantage of a well-diversified portfolio, combined with our structured investment process and our state-of-the-art risk manage-ment tools, can reduce your investment risk and optimize your performance.


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