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Da Vinci Advisory Management AG 's Active Advisory is a customized solution that provides our clients with proactive advice, alongside comprehensive portfolio monitoring. It was designed for clients with an informed interest in the financial markets. However, the final investment decisions remain our client's.

Our Active Advisory process involves the detailed screening of financial markets by our specialists and analyzed information that is personally relevant to you, with the delivery of our recommendations.

To achieve all of the above, your portfolio is assigned to investment specialists, who monitor the financial markets and proactively deliver investment recommendations to you, whenever opportunities arise.

Our Visual Benefits:

  • Proactive investment proposals in line with your individual investment strategy and the investment opinion of Da Vinci Advisory Management AG's Wealth Management Research.

  • The expertise of an experienced team of investment specialists providing personalized advice to help you make sound investment decisions.

  • Da Vinci Advisory Management AG's also gives you access to selected first-class products from third-party providers, as well as access to the advice of our investment specialists.

  • Our well-structured monitoring and advisory approach includes systematic portfolio reviews to monitor the risks in your portfolio and match these to your risk preferences.

  • Regular performance reviews and reports on transactions in your portfolio, as well as commentary from our experts on the latest market developments, keep you well informed and updated.


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