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Family foundations are regulated by the Liechtenstein law, especially in relation to inheritance planning. No information about the existence of the foundation, its goals or beneficiaries is made available to third parties. The identity of beneficiaries and the amount of assets involved remains totally confidential. Clients may even nominate themself as the sole beneficiary during their lifetime. Financial Planning & Wealth Management aslo offers you a broad spectrum of services in the area of Family Foundations.

  • Support and advice on all issues relating to family foundations.
  • Completion of legal formalities.
  • Monitoring the execution of instructions in accordance with foundation regulations.
  • Administration of the foundation and implementation of requested changes.
  • Representation on the foundation board to monitor activities, if requested.
  • All services are offered in collaboration with foundation boards registered in the Principality of Liechtenstein. For further information about setting up a personal foundation, please contact us directly.


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