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Da Vinci Advisory Management AG is not a bank but a Swiss based Financial Intermediary. As we are independent from any bank or fund manager, we can offer you the best products and services available in the market today. Over many years the founders of Da Vinci Advisory Management AG have built up contacts around the world, to offer you unparalleled products and services. It is our mission to help you, our client, find the best investment solutions and other array of services to suit your needs. As a direct client of a Swiss Private Bank you will only receive their products and services, with Da Vinci you get those, plus so much more.

Step by Step approach;

  • Contact by potential client.
  • Discuss needs including wealth management, family trust, health issues, etc
  • Open a bank account, at one of Da Vinci 's Swiss Private Bank partners.
  • Consult and create a portfolio to meet the clients needs, including establishing a Trust if needed.
  • Instructions will be given to the bank to make the investments.
  • Monitor performance with regular reviews.
  • Discuss ongoing services such as health issues, education, etc.
  • One to one reviews on a semi-annual or quarterly basis.


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