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Da Vinci Asset Management AG was set up in 2000 and offers a wide range of Swiss Private Banking Services. Da Vinci operates independently from any bank so it can act as an impartial gateway to the world of Swiss private banking.

Da Vinci's main focus is on "Wealth Management" through it's own discretionary accounts. Da Vinci's Premier Asset Management (PAM) Account is the most exclusive, focused, high risk/high return investment product we offer our clients.

Our discretionary managed accounts offer the following benefits:

One-to-one client/portfolio manager relationship.

Funds remain in your own name and available.

Portfolio manager takes full charge of investment decisions. The client reaps all the benefits of the investment team's expertise and experience.

Regular reports are provided

Efficient management and swift reaction as circumstances dictate

Currently our managed accounts are focused on providing long term capital gains to investors through investments in commodities and in particular mining equities. It's our view that certain commodities such as gold, silver, uranium, and other metals, are poised to move higher in the years ahead. Our fund manager has over 7 years experience in mining investments, with an unrivaled track record. Our investment team has extensive knowledge of the mining industry, and has established key contacts within the industry.

These discretionary accounts are for investors seeking aggressive returns and are willing the take the high volatility that is associated with it. Emphasis is placed on aggressive growth and maximum capital appreciation; there is no focus on generation of current income. The account represents the highest level of risk over the longest time horizon and can be volatile. As such, investors in the Premier Asset Management Account should be investors comfortable with a 2-year or longer time horizon.

Regulatory Oversight

Da Vinci is supervised as a Financial Intermediary under Swiss Federal Law. With 35% (it seems it is more than 50% but this is not official ;-) of the world's private assets managed by financial institutions based in Switzerland, the country has a long established tradition as one of the world's largest financial centers and indeed the largest financial center in continental Europe. Banks and financial companies working with customers' funds are obliged to adhere to the regulatory standards of the Swiss Financial Authority and must follow precise due diligence procedures and trading practices.

Since the 1st of April 1998 Laws against money laundering (LBA) Swiss Regulatory Authority has considerably tightened financial controls of banks and financial intermediaries obliging these institutions to be affiliated with and supervised by a recognized Self-Regulatory Organization. Registered with PolyReg, Da Vinci Asset Management AG is overseen by the Federal Department of Finance in Switzerland. Members of this organization are selected according to strict criteria and have to respect a codex of honor in conducting their business. Da Vinci is fully compliant with the aforementioned directives and is subject to Swiss law and all applicable financial regulations.


Non-Swiss residents are not liable for taxes in Switzerland. Furthermore, Da Vinci is not obligated to report customer trading gains to any tax authority.


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